Open Door Community Church

Sunday School Assistant for Worship Service Details

Oct. 15, 2023
10 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
2 Volunteers Requested
No Spots Currently Available

Event Description:
**If you've signed up to serve with us before, please read as our setup is changing for the fall!** If you're interested in working with young children, we'd love to have you assist our Sunday School teachers during our worship service each Sunday. For the fall, we're trying out a new setup and we need your help! When you get to the church, you'll head to the sanctuary to sit with our elementary school-aged kids, who are now going to be joining the main service for the song portion of the service. After songs are over, kids in PreK-5th grade will line up with you and our Associate Pastor, Jane, at the doors at the back of the sanctuary and head down to the kids' wing for the remainder of the service. All ages will remain together during this time. Pastor Jane will lead the kids in singing their songs, during which time, you'll be responsible for getting snacks and drinks set up at the table. After kids songs, the students will have their snack. When snack is done, you can help by cleaning up the table/garbage left while the teacher for that day leads the class in whatever activity is planned (craft, game, movie, etc.). At 11:10, you'll help take kids to the bathrooms for bathroom breaks and then we'll transition to After Half (split Prek-1st grade and 2nd-5th grade). During After Half, you can assist the teachers with whatever they need, take kids to the bathroom as needed, etc. After Half lasts for 30 minutes after the end of the regular worship service. This is a trial setup for our kids ministry, so there may be some adaptations made over the course of the next couple weeks!

Special Notes:
We don't have a set "dress code." People dress comfortably and casually, so wear whatever you’d like, but remember you'll be playing with kids, so it'd be best to wear something easy to move around in.

1705 6th Ave
Phone Number: +1 (815) 625-1288

Supervisor Information:
If you have any questions about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Rachael Swihart by Email listed below.
+1 (815) 625-1288

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